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Pug in the Pokedex TBA


Ash and Pug are talking to a citizen. Pikachu is chasing a Fletchling.

Citizen: Uh, yea to get to the first gym you gotta go through- *Sips smoothie* -throught that forest ovah there. *Points to a forest*

Pug: Thanks!

Citizen: Nao problem. *Walks away*

Ash: So we have to go through a forest... Maybe we'll catch some Pokemon!

Pug: Yea!

Pikachu: Pika!

Fletchling: Fletch!

Ash, Pug, Pikachu and the Fletchling run toward the forest. Pug notices the Fletchling and stops running. He holds out his Pokedex.

Pug's Dex: Fletchling, the Japanese Robin Pokemon.

Pug: Ash, there's a Fletchling following us around...

Ash: You should catch it!

Pug: Really? Ok, go Hovergulp!

Hovergulp: Gulp-hu!

Pug: Use Razor Leaf!

Hovergulp shoots hundreds of sharp leaves at Fletchling. She does nothing to defend herself.

Ash: It looks like she wants to be caught.

Pug throws a Pokeball at her. She is sucked in and after a few seconds, the Pokeball clicks.

Pug: Alright, I caught a Fletchling!

Hovergulp: Hover!

Pug picks up the ball and releases Fletchling.

Fletchling: Fletch!

Pug: Return, Hovergulp! *Hovergulp is sucked into his ball* You can play with Pikachu, Fletchling.

Fletchling: Ling!

Pikachu: Pika!

The Pokemon run into the forest.

Ash: Pikachu!

Pug: Fletching!! Guys come back!!

Ash: Sigh, let's go get them.

Switch to the Pokemon walking through the forest.

Fletching: Fletch! (This way, Pikachu!)

Pikachu: Pika! (Okay)

They run in the direction that Fletchling pointed to. They hear rustling.

Pikachu: Pika? (What?)

Fletchling: Ling! (Hide!)

Pikachu and Fletchling hide in the woods just before a massive bird walks out of the forest.

Pikachu, Fletchling: :O


Pikachu, Fletchling: :O

Switch to Ash and Pug, in the forest looking for Pikachu and Fletchling.

Ash: Pikachu?!

Pug: Fletchling!!

Ash: Guys where are y-


Pug: Oh great.

They run in the direction of the noise.

Switch to Pikachu and Fletchling.

Bird: KIWI

The bird smashes it's fists onto the bush, revealing the Pokemon.

Pikachu: Pikaa....


Ash and Pug burst out of the bushes.

Ash: Stop!

Bird: Kiwi?!

Pug gets out his Pokedex and scans the bird.

Pokedex: Kungkiwi'd, the Fighting Duck Pokemon. Kungkiwi'd is the evolved form of Farfetch'd.

Ash: Whoa! I've seen Farfetch'd before, I didn't know they could evolve!

Pug puts away his Pokedex.

Pug: Well it seems they can.



Moments later, tons of Farfetch'd jump out of the trees, bushes, thin air, etc.

Ash, Pikachu, Pug, Fletchling: AAAHHHHHHHHHH

Kungkiwi'd: KUNG, *points at them* KIIWIIIIIIII


Ash: PIKACHU! Use Thunderbolt!!

Pikachu: Pika!

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Kungkiwi'd, bringing him down to 1/2.

Kungkiwi'd: KUNG, Farfetch'ds: FAR

Pug: Is it just me, or did they take damage from Pikachu as well?

Ash: It's not just you!

Pug: Return Fletchling, go Quagsire!

Quagsire: Quuuag!

Pug: Quagsire, use Mud Shot!

Ash: And Pikachu use Thunderbolt!

Quagsire: Quuuuaaaaaggggg, Pikachu: Piiiiiiikkaa

Quagsire: SIRE!!!!!!, Pikachu: CHUUUUU!!!

The attacks hit, making all the bird Pokemon faint.

Ash: Yeah!! We did it!

Pug: Woot. :3


Author's NoteEdit

OMG I finished it!

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