Body Type Crab
Abilities Hyper Cutter, Shell Armor, Sheer Force (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in Showdown At Dark City
First Known Owner Kas Gym
First Game Appeared in
Type Water
National Dex Number 099
Kingler is the Pincer Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Krabby.


Kingler is a crab-like Pokemon, with four legs, two arms, and two large, orange pincers. The top half of its body is orange, while the lower half and its legs are cream-colored. Kingler has six spikes on its head, and it has teeth like bumps under its mouth.


Adventures In KantoEdit

Viridian City's Gym had a Kingler in The Last Step! Part 1.

Pokémon TalesEdit


  • Wide Guard
  • Mud Sport
  • Bubble
  • ViceGrip
  • Leer
  • Harden
  • BubbleBeam
  • Mud Shot
  • Metal Claw
  • Stomp
  • Protect
  • Guillotine
  • Slam
  • Brine
  • Crabhammer
  • Flail