Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts
Position New Trainer
Age 10
First Appearance Rapid Fire Battle!
Kevin is Zach's partner in Zach's Kanto Journey.


Kevin is a young, ten-year old boy with brown hair, brown eyes, and a splash of freckles across his skin. He wears a blue shirt with a lighter blue Poke Ball symbol in the middle. He wears yellow pants, and wears shoes that are mainly white and light blue, with traces of green.


Kevin is a young, novice trainer. He never got a starter Pokemon, instead catching a Pidgey by using a Pokeball his mother had given him. He's very cheerful, and really wants to learn anything he can, which is why he became Zach's partner.




Kevin was born in Johto. His mother was Claire, leader of the gym in Blackthorn City. His father was Lance, who quickly became Champion of the Kanto/Johto league. Even though Kevin is the son of two great dragon tamers, Kevin has always been scared of dragon-type Pokemon. When he was ten, he quickly left Blackthorn City after catching his Pidgey. He then came to Kanto.


Pidgeotto- First Pokemon, caught with a Pokeball from his mother in Kevin's Past Part 1. Evolved from Pidgey in Rocketing Saffron!

Moves: Gust, Sand Attack, Tackle, Wing Attack, Steel Wing

Raticate- Caught in Kevin's Past Part 2. Evolved in A Rocket-Sized Conspiracy.

Moves: Quick Attack, Tackle, Tail Whip, Hyper Fang

Butterfree- Evolved from Caterpie in the episode Attack Of The Hypno!. Evolved into Butterfree in Backtracking Down A New Path.

Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Confusion, Gust, Sleep Powder

Drowzee- Caught in Attack Of The Hypno! when Kevin thought he was a Hypno.

Moves: Psybeam, Confusion

Gyarados- Hatched from an egg received in a bicycle race. Evolved in A Colossal Fossil Mistake

Moves: Splash, Twister, Dragon Rage, Ice Fang

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