Body Type Dog/Rat
Abilities Intimidate
Episode First Shown in None
First Known Owner
First Game Appeared in
Type Normal
National Dex Number B010
Kayrat is a Normal-type Pokemon. Kayrat evolves into Ratinine at level 20. Kayrat is native to the Biotri Region, which first appears in Pokemon Bio/Mecha Version.


Kayrat looks like a dog mixed with a rodent. It has big cheeks, and very derpy eyes. It has two teeth. It has a dog-like tail, and four legs, with the front legs being bigger than the hind legs. Kayrat has red stripes on its body.




Lvl.0- Scratch, Tail Whip

Lvl.3- Growl

Lvl.6- Quick Attack

Lvl.13- Bite

Lvl.16- Howl

Lvl.23- Hyper Fang

Lvl.29- Super Fang

Pokedex EntryEdit

Pokemon Bio VersionEdit

Kayrat live in small grasslands, and tend to eat mainly berries. It uses its red stripes to intimidate others.

Pokemon Mecha VersionEdit

Living in grasslands, Kayrat tend to store berries in their cheeks, and carry them off to their house.



  • Bloxx came up with the name.

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