Intimas Region
Generation X
Introduction Pokemon Dark & Light
Starter Pokemon Laproise, Seedling, Heasle
Regional Professor Professor Franklin Pine
Regional Villain Team Team Silence

Team Carnation

Series N/A
Intimas is a region in the fanworld, comprising of a large island, a smaller, but still large island, five small islands between, and two islands further away, acting as the Pokemon League. It is the main setting of Pokemon Dark & Light Version and its sequel, Pokemon Twilight. It is far away from the Canon Regions, and it is not well know, having a small population. Intimas also has Contest Halls, where you can participate in a Pokemon Contest. There are new types of contests, such as Randomized Contest, where a random Pokemon is given to you, and you must think of a move from the top of your head, and there is Partner Contests, where you do your act with a partner. Intimas has little knowledge of other regions.

Etymology and Design ConceptEdit

'Intimas' derives from the Latin word 'Intima', meaning "heart". Reflecting that, for the bonds between Pokemon and Humans to be strong, a trainers heart must be in the right place

The region itself isn't based on a real world locations, as is the case with most other regions. This concept was dropped to give the region a more unique feel. However, the main island is made to somewhat resemble a Dolphin (vaguely)


According to myths and Intimas legends, Intimas was created by Jeterdor millions of years ago, when a powerful man, Maletine Darkpulse, used the powers of the legendary Pokemon of time and space, Palkia and Dialga, to travel back in time to before the universe was created. He captured Arceus, but this caused a paradox, and it caused the universe to never be created. The leftover energy that was supposed to be the universe, created Jeterdor, and after thousands of years, Jeterdor re-created Arceus, and then the universe. Jeterdor fled, never to be seen again. Much later, LaabacauCorfantum and its evolution, all became extinct due to unknown conditions. Centuries later, a man named Professor Franklin Pine decided to study the Pokemon of Intimas, and therefore became the Regional Professor. Several years larer, he married Melanie Paldursek, and she gave birth to Vincent Pine, who later becomes the Champion.

Cities, Routes and other locationsEdit


Cities, Towns and Islands Edit

City/Town Name Description
Adventurst Town The regions main port area. Adventurst CIty is known for its many ocean-themed sculptures. Pouchuck's are seen here alot, and this town also has a Pokemon Contest.
Resperto City This is where the Ghost Gym is located. It's a potential haunted house. Resperto City is a city where purple material floods the streets in shade, the cities way of being iconic.
Calendix Town A port town, which specialises more in the fishing department, rather than cruiseships and tourists.
Icicle Island An island west of Calendix Town. It is covered in snow, and it is known for Qwilfish Lake.
Mantok City  Fighting Gym. Iconic for being the region's first established port. Ironically, it is one of the smallest.
Quintus Town Ravaged by a fire many years ago, it's citizens now like to use Fire-types in memory of the victims of the fire, even though nobody was hurt.
Sixtus Town Grass Gym. The first town to gain a Gym. It was opened in Sixtus Town after a fire in Quintus Town destroyed the one there. A Pokemon Contest is held here.
Camillo Village A small village which is normally filled with the oldest inhabitants of Intimas. A Pokemon Contest is held here.
Trunade City Trunade is an underground city located underneath Camillo Village. This is where extinct Pokemon can be resurected, and let free.
Mystiker City

Normal Gym. This gym has a Pokemon Transportation System, which transports Pokemon from other regions, to Intimas, so those Pokemon can be found on Intimas. 

Memora City In the Winter, a parade is held to celebrate the passed Pokemon. Hopscorchur are sometimes spotted here.
Rocano Town Rock Gym. Earthquakes often happen at this town, so the buildings are made extra durable to withstand the Earthquakes. A Pokemon Contest is held here.
Coco Town This town has a Chocolate factory. It has a orchard of trees that grow Coco Berries. A Pokemon Contest is held here.
Insetto Town Bug Gym. In the spring, hundreds of Bug Pokemon are seen here, and the silk from them are created into beautiful clothing. 
Salendish City A fancy City with with a Five Star Hotel and Restaurant. This City has one of the best Pokemon Day Care center in the world. Gordan lives here.
Statach Town Electric Gym. Every building is topped with a Solar Panel, which creates all the energy and electricity for the entire region. After you beat the game, a Pokeathlon is playable here.
Hindrek City Once a year, a Regional Festival is held here. It celebrates other regions, such as bringing in the starters of other regions. Occasionaly, the League of another Region vistis, and they have a Battling Competetion against the Intimas League.
Caloria City Fire Gym. This town is extemly hot, and alot fire type Pokemon are found here. A Pokemon contest is held here.
Inviron Town This town is fulled with nature and plants. It has dozens of windmills outside of the main village. It has a huge Botanical Garden, which is filled with many types of plants and berries, including the Limon Berry, The Bulb Berry, Mana Berry, and the Growth Berry, which only grow on Intimas.
Libertas City Libertas City is the location with the most people. In the center of it, there is a huge statue of the region's champion, Vincent. It is also the loacation of the Intimas Conference.
Ascendite Town Dragon Gym. This town praises dragons, and dragon-type Pokemon from many regions can be found here. The Grand Festival is held here. 
Rodretej Isla The newest Island on Intimas. Not much is known about it.
Otok Island A giant island, which is filled with plants and Pokemon. This Island is very dangerous, due to the aggressive and vicious wild Pokemon. The civilization is fenced off from the wild life. 
Panera Island A deserted island without and civilization, which is actually the base of Team Galactic.
Ecola Town The starting town in Pokemon Twilight. This town has a popular Pokemon academy founded by Professor Pine. 
Terudian City A city only in Pokemon Twilight. This town has many competitions and events, such as a Contest Hall, a Pokeathlon, PokeRinger, and Pokemon Tournament.

Other LocationsEdit

Name Information
Qwilfish Lake Qwilfish Lake is located in the middle of Icicle Island. The lake is completely frozen, and underneath the lake is hundereds of Qwilfish.
Palkia Peak Palkia Peak is the tallest mountain in Intimas. It is rumored to be the resting place of Palkia.
Dialga Dock Dialga Dock is a dock where most ships to Intimas arrive. It was named after the legendary Pokemon, Dialga. Lapras swim here alot.
Temple of Jeterdor  It is a temple used to warship the Legendary Pokemon, Jeterdor. Many secrets reside in this temple. Located on Rodretej Isle.
Terudian Rapids A popular tourist spot in Intimas. It is known for the giant waterfall that connects to Terudian City, and 


Intimas has mostly warm weather. In Libertas City, there is a Statue of Vincent Pine, the Champion and son of Franklin Pine, which is based on Statue Of Liberty The Statue Of Liberty.

Intimas's different islands can be vastly different in climate and landscape. The main islands is mostly made up of forests and greenery. One of the islands is made up of tall mountains, with the tallest one leading to Palkia Peak, the tallest mountain on Intimas, which is a rumored resting place for Palkia. Another islands is completely covered in snow, which is odd because most other islands have quite warm temperature near the center of it called "Qwilfish Lake" because underneath the ice is hundreds of Qwilfish.

Intimas LeagueEdit

The regional league of Intimas is known as the Intimas League. It is composed of twelve Gym Leaders, and five Elite Five members, along with the Champion. Trainers who manage to earn every Gym Badge, qualify to challenge the Elite Five. The Gym Leaders of the Intimas League are known to be much younger than other region's. 

Gym Leaders

Gym Leaders
Name City/Town Type Badge
Gracie Resperto City Ghost Spirit Badge
Kaleb Mantok City Fighting Zone Badge
Basil/Devon Sixtus Town Grass Leaf Badge
Keira Mystiker City Normal Plane Badge
Mason Rocano Town Rock Pebble Badge
Rayne Insetto City Bug Web Badge
Heath/Fianna Caloria Town


Smoke Badge
Dominick Statach Town Electric Static Badge
Draco/Regina Ascendite Dragon Scale Badge
Jackson/Daria Solet Town Dark

Nocturnal Badge

Elite Five and ChampionEdit

Unstead of the traditional four, there are five members of the Elite Intimas League.

Elite Five and Champion
Name Type
Vincent Pine (Champion) Various
Terrence Ground
Alae Flying
Thomas Water
Ferrel Steel
Poinesque Poison


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