Heasle is the Flame Pokemon. It is one of the evolved forms of Elsaey, and it evolves into Fiesal starting at level 39, which evolves into Wolflame starting at level 65. It is the fire starter for Intimas.


It is a small Pokemon with a short body. Its face is yellow, with the exeptions of the corners of its face, which are orange, and contain its black eyes. It usually has a cute smile, with its white teeth showing above its pink tongue. It has a really long, orange tail with a flame at the end, and its neck is yellow. It walks on all fours, and its two front feet are colored yellow.

Pokedex EntriesEdit


This Pokemon usually convinces people to take care of it with its adorable smile. It is much more common than its previous form, which is why it is the starter unlike Elsaey.


This Pokemon has a heated mouth, and althought it rarely happens, a bite from this Pokemon would be extremely painful.


It is one of the most unique Pokemon Starters of all time. It is one of two evolutions of its previous form, and it can still evolve two more times.


  • Ember
  • Tackle
  • Growl
  • FlameThrower
  • Flame Charge
  • Fire Spin
  • Quick Attack

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