Body Type Goldfish
Abilities Swift Swim, Water Veil, Lightningrod(Hidden)
Episode First Shown in Pokemon Emergency
First Known Owner Misty
First Game Appeared in
Type Water
National Dex Number 118

Goldeen evolves into Seaking starting at level 33. In Intimas, it evolves into SeaQween if it is a female.


Goldeen is a white fish Pokemon with orange marking on its tail, back and fins.It has a fin going down its back. It has a large horn on its forehead.


Adventures In KantoEdit

Misty's Goldeen appeared in Cerulean Dilemma!, and it lost against Scott's Remoraid

Platinum: Zach's NuzlockeEdit

Two Fishermen's Goldeen appeared in Two Bosses, One Memorial.

Pokémon TalesEdit


  • Peck
  • Tail Whip
  • Water Sport
  • Supersonic
  • Horn Attack
  • Water Pulse
  • Flail 
  • Aqua Ring
  • Fury Attack
  • Waterfall
  • Horn Drill
  • Agility
  • Soak
  • Megahorn

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