Credit to Pug
Body Type Cat
Abilities Static,
Episode First Shown in
First Known Owner
First Game Appeared in
Type Electric
National Dex Number S014
Elekattin is the Charge Pokemon. It evolves into Catrick when leveled up with high happiness.


Elekattin resembles a cat. It has black feet, and a mostly yellow body. It has several thin, thunder bolt shaped stripes on its back, legs, and tail. It also has those same stripes on its forehead, which vanish about the length near its eyes. The middle of its tail is crooked, and in a thunder bolt shape. It has a black nose, and sometimes they have whiskers.  They have green eyes with a black pupil. Elekattin is 1.5 feet tall, and it weighs 20 pounds.

Pokedex EntriesEdit


Elekattin charges electricity by running around, and newborn Elekattin are often seen running around in circles.


Electrical surges often run through Elekattin's whiskers, and it is not uncommon for a young Elekattin to accidentally shock its trainer while being petted.


Static Electricity runs through this Pokemon's fur, and it can raise a trainer's hairs if it pets it.


  • Tackle
  • Thunderbolt
  • Bite
  • Iron Tail
  • Quick Attack
  • Tail Whip
  • Electro Ball
  • Thunder Shock
  • Fury Swipes
  • Parabolic Charge
  • Magnavolt

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