Body Type Dog
Abilities Static, Lightninrod, Minus (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in Watt's With Wattson?
First Known Owner
First Game Appeared in
Type Electric
National Dex Number #309
Electrike evolves into Manectric starting at level 26.


Electrike has a green body, with several yellow markings. They have a small, pointed tail, with a yellow tip, and its hind legs have spikes. It has a large head crest, which has lightning-like patterns on it. It has three tails, with the one in the middle being the longest, and being yellow tipped. 

Appearances Edit

Pokémon Tales Edit

Conquering Hoenn Edit

Dex EntryEdit

It generates electricity using friction from the atmosphere. In seasons with especially arid air, its entire body blazes with violent showers of sparks.


  • Tackle
  • Thunder Wave
  • Leer
  • Howl
  • Quick Attack
  • Spark
  • Odor Sleuth
  • Bite
  • Thunder Fang
  • Roar
  • Discharge
  • Charge
  • Wild Charge
  • Thunder

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