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Lights, Camera, Rocket! Scott & Zach: Trainers Together
This is the fourteenth episode of Zach's Kanto Journey.


Zach and Kevin are walking off towards the next city, on Route 5.

Zach: Hey, Kevin, I heard there was this super awesome move tutor guy.

Kevin: Move tutor?

Zach: Oh, a move tutor is someone who teaches Pokemon moves instantly. It's pretty cool.

Kevin: Maybe we can get Bulbasaur and Rattata some new moves!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba bulbasaur!

Zach and Kevin walk on, until they come to a barricaded rest-stop.

Zach: Hey, what gives?

Officer Jenny walks over.

Jenny: This road is blocked until further notice. Every entrance to Saffron City is officially closed, due to suspicious activites.

Kevin: Aw man! Zach was gonna get his next gym badge there!

Jenny: I presume you're Zach?

Jenny nods in Zach's direction.

Zach: Yes ma'm. Is there any way around this? I know Vermillion City has a gym that I could also visit.

Jenny: Well... I suppose there's the abandoned tunnel. I hear the Move Tutor lives in the top part.

Zach: Thanks! Let's go Kevin!

Zach and Kevin walk to the abandoned tunnel, and open the door. It's lit up.

Zach: Whoooa...

Kevin: This is so cool! Hey, is that the move tutor?

Kevin points to an old man, who has a wooden shop set up.

Old Man: Hello! I am the Move Tutor! Trade a Heart Scale for a Move!

Zach: We don't have any heart scales... where can we get them?

Move Tutor: Officer Jenny is handing them out for the inconvience of the roadblock. She forgets about it, so go ask her.

Kevin: Okay! Thank you!

Zach and Kevin leave, then walk over to Officer Jenny.

Zach: Officer Jenny!

Jenny: Huh? What are you two doing back here?

Kevin: We wanted some Heart Scales!

Jenny: Oh yeah! Here, one for each of you!

Officer Jenny hands each of them a pink, heart-shaped object, smaller than their fingernails.

Kevin: Thank you, ma'm!

Jenny: It's the least I could do, having blocked up a lot of trainers.

Zach: Thanks again!

Zach and Kevin go back to the abandoned tunnel, and hand the heart scales to the Move Tutor.

Tutor: Thank you.

The Move Tutor puts his hand on Rattata and Bulbasaur, and begins chanting some strange, ancient words. When he finishes, he lifts his hands, and both Pokemon's eyes glow blue, before turning normal.

Move Tutor: Bulbasaur has learned Magical Leaf, and Rattata has learned Hyper Fang.

Zach: Thanks!

Kevin: Let's go, Zach! To Vermillion City!

Zach: Yeah!


  • This episode was very short, due to real life complications.

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