Body Type Cat
Abilities Cute Charm, Normalize, Wonder Skin (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in Delcatty Got Your Tongue!
First Known Owner Dr. Abby
First Game Appeared in
Type Normal
National Dex Number #301
Delcatty is the Prim Pokemon. It evolves from Skitty when exposed to a moon stone.


Delcatty are medium-sized Pokémon with a mostly tan body. They have a pointed, whisker-like protrusion on each cheek. They have purple ears with three tufts of fur at the tips and a purple ruff-like collar with pin-like extensions around their necks. Delcatty also possess a purple, flower-like tuft of hair on the ends of their thin tails. Their build makes them look a lot more feline than their previous evolution.

Apperances Edit

Pokémon Tales Edit


  • Fake Out
  • Attract
  • Sing
  • Double Slap

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