Credit to Pug.
Body Type Cocoon
Abilities Soft Body, Sleeping Touch (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in
First Known Owner
First Game Appeared in
Type Bug
National Dex Number S022
Pillowcoon is the evolved form of Patterpillow. It evolves into Bedbug starting at level 30 if it is a male, or it evolves into Quilterfly starting at level 35 if female.


Pillowcoon resembles a cocoon made out of several differant types and colors of blankets. It has red, triangular eyes, with a white iris. Appearances may very, because the blanket that its cocoon is is almost always differant then any other Pillowcoon.

PokeDex EntryEdit

Pokemon LightEdit

When this Pokemon falls off the tree that it is attached too, sometimes wild Pokemon use this Pokemon as a pillow. This Pokemon is made of soft blankets, and it is found hanging on alot of trees.

Pokemon DarkEdit

This Pokemon is often used as a pillow for many small Pokemon found in the wild, after Crystilkus falls off the branch it was attached to. This Pokemon has the ability Sleeping Touch, when activated, makes anything that comes in contact with it fall asleep.

Moves Edit

  • START: Harden
  • START: String Shot
  • START: Tackle

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