Body Type Dinosaur
Abilities Mold Breaker, Technician
Episode First Shown in None
First Known Owner None
First Game Appeared in
Type Grass/Ground. Grass/Ghost (Prior to extinction)
National Dex Number #???
Corfantum is resurected from a Plate Fossil. It evolves into Zauruscertauros when leveled up holding an Evolution Enducer.


It has a reptillian body. It has green scales, with plant buds on its back. It has a small, Triceratops-like head, with a single horn, only on the tip of its nose. It has large, blue eyes with a large, black pupil. They have brown polka dots all over there body.


  • Horn Drill
  • Faint Attack
  • Tackle
  • Bite
  • Rock Romb
  • Rock Slide
  • Leech Seed
  • Giga Drain

Pokedex EntryEdit

Pokemon DarkEdit

It is heavily implied that prior to its extinction this Pokemon was a ghost type. This Pokemon is rumored to be the oldest of all extinct Pokemon.

Pokemon LightEdit

According to Intimas Professor, Franklin Pine, this Pokemon was a Ghost-type before it became extinct. It is unknown how or why is changed types.

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