Body Type Chicken
Abilities Blaze

Speedboost (Hidden)

Episode First Shown in Having a Wailord of a time
First Known Owner Nurse Joy
First Game Appeared in
Type Fire/Fighting
National Dex Number 256
Combusken evolves from Torchic at level 16, and evolves into Blaziken at level 36.


Combusken is a humanoid chicken, with a yellow body. Its lower body is orange, with chicken legs, and it has three claws on the front of each foot, and one on the back of each foot. It has two yellow arms, with three claws for hands. It has orange eyes, and three orange feathers on the top of its head. It has one slim orange beak.


Super Smash Bros: Battle! Edit

  • Combusken, known as Wakasyamo, is the Pokémon choice for Roy.
    • It appeared in Back To the Future, having just evolved. It appeared again in Respect.
    • By combining Slash with Fire Pledge, Wakasyamo can use the Final Smash Critical Hit.

Pokémon Tales Edit


  • Scratch
  • Growl
  • Focus Energy
  • Ember
  • Double Kick
  • Peck
  • Sand-attack
  • Bulk Up
  • Quick Attack
  • Slash
  • Mirror Move
  • Sky Uppercut
  • Flare Blitz

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