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Mt. Moon, Here We Come! Cerulean Smackdown!
This is the eleventh episode of Zach's Kanto Journey.


Zach, Kevin, Mark, Anne, and Bulbasaur are gaping at the meteorite in the center of the room, with Clefairy and Clefable dancing all over it.

Anne: Go, Diglett!

Anne throws her Pokeball, and Diglett comes out. Then she draws out her PokeDex, seeing what moves it has.

Anne: Diglett knows Dig, Sand Attack, Growl, and Magnitude. Good moves!

Diglett: Dig, diglett!

Anne: Use Sand Attack on that Clefairy!

Anne points to a Clefairy in the corner, dancing by itself.

Diglet: Diglett!

Diglett goes underground, and comes up infront of the Clefairy, spraying sand all over it.

Anne: Great!

Suddenly, all of the Clefairy and Clefable stopped dancing. The light started to fade.

Anne: Oh no! Diglett, Magnitude, quick!

Diglett: Dig...LETTTTTTTT!

A huge Magnitude comes out, and knocks out the Clefairy. They all start to hear a cracking noise. Anne throws a Pokeball, and catches the Clefairy, then notices the noise.

Anne: What is that? Diglett, return!

Mark: The meteorite is cracking!

Zach: Oh no... those Clefairy and Clefable don't look too happy...

Kevin: RUUUUN!

They all start to run, but the Clefairy use Light Screen, and construct a wall at each exit.

Kevin: We're trapped!

Mark: They don't look happy at all... and the meteorite is still cracking!

All of them suddenly start waggling their fingers.

Anne: What in the world?

Suddenly, they all stop, and a variety of moves comes from them.


Bulbasaur: BULBA!

They all duck and roll out of the way, narrowly dodging the moves.

Zach: Okay, that's it! We have to-

Suddenly, the entire meteorite falls apart, and the light intensifies, as something inside is revealed, and all the Clefairy and Clefable stare at it in awe.

Kevin: It's... an egg! No, a ton of eggs!

Mark: You're right! There must be hundreds of Pokemon Eggs! I'm gonna get o-

Zach: No, leave them.

Mark: Huh?!

Zach: They're the Clefairy's... and the Clefable's. They probably thought we had cracked all the eggs.

Anne: I agree with Zach. We should leave them. Plus, the Clefairy and the Clefable actually SEEM happy now.

Bulbasaur: Bulb, bulba!

They all look at the Pokemon, and see their smiling expressions.

Mark: Fiiiiine.

Kevin: Hey, the exits are unblocked! Let's get out of here! I SEE DAYLIGHT!


They all rush to the exit, and find the outdoors.

Zach: Wow... this is it! We're finally outside!

Bulbasaur: Bulba bulba!

After a few minutes, they seem to be splitting up in Cerulean.

Anne: I'm going to Celadon City to check out the Department Store!

Mark: I'm going to Vermilion City to challenge Lt. Surge!

Zach: Okay. See ya guys!

Kevin: Bye!

Anne&Mark: Bye!

Anne and Mark leave, and the screen focuses on Zach and Kevin.

Zach: Kevin, you gonna stay here with me?

Kevin: You bet!

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Now, the screen fades.

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