Champion is the final series by Dakota. It focuses on Dakota (ARPS) without Steve and Ahmad. it could be seen as a spin-off for A Random Pokémon Show. It will be on rotation along with Dakota's other series: Rise, Conquering Hoenn, and Mixas School of Elites

Synopsis Edit

Dakota is the champion of Mixas, a newly discovered league, but it's not all luxurious. Politics, social lives, and pokemon are all huge parts of his life.

Episodes Edit

Season One: Kalos Conference Edit

  1. Publicity- Dakota begins his champion experience by co-hosting the 57th Annual Kalos Conference
  2. Coexist- Dakota must learn to get along with paparazzi, gym leaders, and two very difficult Elite Four Members.
  3. Controversy- Mysterious pokemon attacks distract from the third round of the tournament for Dakota and Diantha.
  4. Challenge- When a trainer unexpectedly challenges Dakota to an unofficial battle, the media catches on fast
  5. Policies- Protests get in the way of the conference after a new policy regarding pokemon journeys arises.
  6. Standards- The Elite's "Anti-Alcohol" advertisement goes extremely wrong after they wake up one morning with severe hangovers
  7. "Confederacy"- Uh oh. Looks like Kiloude City's in rebellion.
  8. Waterfalls- A very vivid TLC-themed dream causes Dakota to question everything, including his career and relationship with Jacob.
  9. Britney- Getting ready for finals, the cast has very surreal hallucinations about Britney Spears while under anesthesia.
  10. Duel- After winning the Conference, Ahmad Nar challenges Drasna to their official league match
  11. Joust- Ahmad faces Wikstrom officially.
  12. Blaze- Ahmad and Malva square off in battle.
  13. Social- A party is thrown to celebrate Ahmad's victories
  14. Voyage- Dakota, sad but confident, leaves Kalos for Mixas.

Season Two: Roots Edit

  1. Alex
  2. Sectionals
  3. Pursuit
  4. Infestation
  5. Deep

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Season One Edit

  • Diantha
  • Siebold
  • Malva
  • Drasna
  • Wikstrom
  • Korrina

Season Two Edit

Supporting Edit

Season One Edit

  • Ramos
  • Grant
  • Valerie
  • Viola
  • Olympia
  • Ramos
  • Wulfric

Season Two Edit

Development Edit

  • The series was first advertised on 5/10/17
  • The first five episodes were confirmed on 5/10/17, along with Season One's Title: Kalos Conference
  • Production and writing were confirmed to have started 5/1/17
  • Ahmad (ARPS) has been confirmed to have at least one appearance, as shown in a short trailer.
  • On 5/10/17, supporting and main cast for season one were revealed.
  • On 5/22/17, all episodes for season one were named and given summaries. The first season is revealed to be 15 episodes long.
  • On 5/22/17, Olympia, Wulfric, and Ramos were removed to Supporting Characters, while Jacob was moved to Main
  • On 5/27/17, Season Two was confirmed, and the pilot episode was named Mirage.
  • On 5/27/17, Jacob's promo pics were released, revealing his ownership of Arcanine, Braviary, and Medicham.
  • On 5/29/17, a short clip of Dakota, Diantha, and Malva singing "Circus" by Britney Spears on a stage was released. Many have speculated this is from Episode 10- Britney.
  • Also on 5/29/17, the name of Season Two (Morph), was changed to Roots, and the episodes names were changed as well.
  • Leaks of season two showed a picture of a girl around Dakota's age, wearing a white shirt and black pants. She has short brown hair and blue eyes. A Squirtle, Zorua, and Fletchinder are also shown.
  • On 6/12/17, Episode 6 "Music" was removed from Season One, Bringing the Season down to 14 episodes

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