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Clefairy, Clefable, And The Meteorite Lights, Camera, Rocket!
This is the twelfth episode of Zach's Kanto Journey.


Zach and Kevin are standing in front of the Cerulean Gym, with Bulbasaur at their sides.

Zach: Kevin, think I can do this?

Kevin: Definitely! Maybe! No! I'm not sure what to say!

Zach: Support would've been nice. Let's do this thing!

Bulbasaur: Bulbaaaaa...

They run into the gym, and see a water stadium.

???: Hello! My name is Misty, I am the gym leader of the Cerulean City Gym!

Zach: My name's Zach, and I'm here to get your gym badge!

Misty: So you think you can beat me? Ha!

Misty jumps down, and is on the other side of the stadium.

Misty: Like you could beat me!

Kevin: I bet he can!

Misty: Ha! As if a little kid could beat me. Let's begin! Go, Starmie!

Starmie appears from underneath the stadium, and jumps onto a round floating slab.

Zach: Hm... a Water/Psychic type Pokemon... I choose you, Scyther!

Scyther flies out of his Pokeball, and lands on the opposite slab.

Scyther: Scy, Scyther!

Referee: Let the 2 on 2 battle commence!

Misty: Dive!

Starmie dives underneath the water.

Zach: Scyther, use Pursuit!

Scyther uses Pursuit, and speeds down into the water.

Misty: Ha! Predictable! Starmie, Hydro Pump!

Starmie's center glows, and a huge blast of water hits Scyther, blasting it into the ceiling.


Scyther: Sc-scy... Scyther...

Scyther falls onto the slab, and slowly gets up.

Misty: Now, Starmie, use Psychic!

Scyther gets a blue aura around him, and starts to float.

Zach: Scyther, break free and use X-Scissor!

Scyther's arms glow, and the aura fades, then Scyther flies into the water, and hits Starmie onto the slab.

Starmie: St...starmie...

Misty: Good job Starmie! We've got him just where we want him! Use Rapid Spin!

Zach: What!?

Starmie jumps in the air, and starts spinning towards Scyther.

Zach: Scyther, dodge it!

Scyther jumps, and barely dodges it.

Misty: Now, use Mist!

Starmie: Star...MIEEEEE!

A large mist envelops the stadium, and Zach is unable to see anything.

Zach: Scyther? Scyther!

Misty: Now, use Rapid Spin and swirl the mist into a tornado of mist!

Starmie swirls rapidly, and a vortex of mist appears above and around it.

Zach: Scyther, Double Team!

Scyther multiplies, and Starmie spins straight toward one, and collides with it, but the Scyther fades to nothing.

Misty: Grrr..

Zach: Now, fly above the vortex!

Scyther flies straight above the Vortex, where there's an opening.

Misty: Wha-

Zach: Now, Scyther! Use X-Scissor!

Scyther: Scy...THER!

Scyther flies down the vortex, and unleashes X-Scissor on Starmie, causing the Vortex to close in, and an explosion of mist results.

Zach: Scyther!

Misty: Starmie!

The mist clears, and both Pokemon are shown unconscious.

Referee: Both Pokemon are unable to battle! Send out your next Pokemon!

They both return their Pokemon.

Misty: Go, Shellder!

Zach: Go, Poliwag!

Bulbasaur: Bulba?

Zach: Sorry buddy, it's Poliwag's time to shine!

They both send out their Pokemon, and prepare to battle.

Misty: Okay Shellder, use Icicle Spear!

Shellder: Shell...DER!

Shellder shoots 4 spears out, and they all go straight towards Poliwag.

Zach: Poliwag, dive under the water!

Poliwag dives, avoiding the attack.

Zach: Now, use Hypnosis!

Poliwag begins to chant, and Shellder falls asleep.

Misty: Shellder, no!

Zach: Now, Poliwag, use Water Gun!

Poliwag jumps out of the water, and a small sphere of water appears in front of it.

Zach: What...

Poliwag: Poli...WAAAAAAG!

The sphere flies into Shellder, and Shellder falls unconscious.

Misty: It... it learned Water Pulse! Shellder, no!

Referee: Shellder is unable to battle. The winner is Zach and Poliwag!

Zach: Yeaaaah!

Kevin: Aw yeah! I told you Zach would win!

Several minutes later, they're standing outside.

Misty: Good... good job winning. Here's your badge.

Misty hands Zach the gym badge.

Zach: Yes! I got... THE CASCADE BADGE!

Kevin: Sweet! Let's go to the Pokemon Center, I'm tired!

Zach: You got it.

Bulbasaur: Bulb, bulba!

Zach and Kevin run to the Pokemon Center, with Bulbasaur chasing them.

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