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Cerulean Dilemma! is the sixth episode of Adventures In Kanto.


The story begins with Scott and Jill sitting in the Cerulean Pokemon center.

Nurse Joy: Will the trainer with the Bulbasaur and the Remoraid please come to the front. Your Pokemon are fully healed!

Jill: That's you!

Scott walks over to Nurse Joy and her Chansey, where he finds his PokeBalls on a rack, with Bulbasaur sitting on.

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Scott: *Laughs* Hey Bulbasaur!

Nurse Joy: Are you here to challenge the Cerulean Gym Leader?

Scott: I sure am!

Nurse Joy: That's nice! You're the third trainer today that came to challenge it.

Scott: Cool!

Nurse Joy: Be sure to tell me if you win or not!

Chansey: Chansey!

Scott: I will!

Jill: So are you finally ready?

Scott: Oh yeah! Let's do this!

Scott and Jill leave the Poke Center and enter the Cerulean Gym. 

Scott: Hello? I'm here to challenge the Gym Leader!

Voice: Then you've come to the right place!

Scott turns around, seeing a tall, orange-haired women.

Scott: Are you the Gym Leader?

Voice: That's right! I'm Misty the Cerulean City Gym Leader!

Scott: I'm Scott and this is my main Pokemon, Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur: Bulba, Saur!

Misty: Should we start the battle?

Scott: Sure!

Misty: Follow me!

Scott follows the red-haired girl onto an aquarium.

Referee: This will be a two-on-two battle and it will be over once each Pokemon of one side is unable to fight. This battle will start now!

Misty: Go, Goldeen!

The second Misty utters the command, a big fish-like Pokemon hops out of the water and into the air.

Scott: Wow, Goldeen!

Scott takes out his Pokedex.

Pokedex: Goldeen, the Goldfish Pokemon. Goldeen is a strong swimmer, and is capable of swimming nonstop up fast streams at a steady speed of five knots.

Scott: My Pokemon is... Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur hops onto the arena and whips his vines into the air.

Jill: Be careful, Scott! Make sure Bulbasaur doesn't fall into the water, they can't swim very well!

Scott: Okay!

Misty: Goldeen, use Water Gun!

Goldeen opens its mouth and shoots galons of water towards Bulbasaur.

Scott: Dodge it Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Bulbasaur uses his vines as a spring and jumps away from the water.

Scott: Use, Razor Leaf!!

Razor-sharp leaves shoot out from under Bulbasaur's bulb and fly into Goldeen.

Misty: A little leaves aren't gonna stop my Goldeen!

Goldeen: Goldeen, Goldeen!

Misty: Goldeen, use Supersonic!

Goldeen opens its mouth, and a bunch of transparent rays shoot from of its mouth towards Bulbasaur, and make it confused.

Scott: No!

Bulbasaur: Bulbaaaa, Bulbasaaaur!

Bulbasaur begins to hobble around, and falls into the water and begins sinking.

Jill: Quick! Return it to its ball!

Scott: Bulbasaur, return for now!

Bulbasaur gets sucked into the ball with a beam of red light.

Misty: Ha!

Scott: What do I do now? All i have left is my Remoraid but I haven't ever used it in battle and I don't know what moves it has.

Jill: Use Remoraid! Use Remoraid!

Scott: Okay, then! Go Remoraid!

Scott holds out Remoraid's Pokeball and realeses it.

Misty: Wow! It's a Remoraid from the Johto region! Neat!

Scott: Since Goldeen can use Water Gun, Remoraid might be able to also! Use Water Gun!

Remoraid opens its mouth and shoots water at Goldeen.

Scott: Yes!

Misty: Dodge it, Goldeen!

Goldeen begins to swim underwater, however the water hits the fish Pokemon before it had time to flee. Goldeen floats to the top, upside down.

Referee: Goldeen is unable to battle, Remoraid wins.

Misty: Return, Goldeen!

Scott: Haha, Yeah! One down, one to go!

Misty: My next Pokemon won't be so easy. Go, Starmie!

Misty throws a Pokeball high into the air and a purple star-like Pokemon pops out.

Scott: Who's that Pokemon? Dexter, Do your thing!

Pokedex: Starmie, The Mysterious Pokemon, and the evolve form of Staryu. Starmie has a red core on the center of its body, which sends mysterious radio signals into the night sky.

Scott: Cool!

Misty: Use Water Gun!

Scott: Dodge!

Remoraid shoots under the water like a bullet and dodges the water.

Scott: Remoraid is FAST!

Misty: Not fast enough. Use Rapid Spin!

Starmie begins spinning faster and faster and becomes a blur. It shoots towards Remoraid and hits it with great force.

Scott: No! Remoraid!

Remoraid floats to the top, unconcious.

Referee: Remoraid is unable to battle. Starmie is the winner.

Misty: I guess its a tie. One loss each.

Jill: Bulbasaur is fine now, he should be cured from his Confusion!

Scott: Right! Go Bulbasaur!

Bubasaur flies out of its Pokeball.

Bulbasaur: Bulba, Bulbasaur!

Scott: Use Vine Whip!

Bulbasaur extends long vines from its bulb and whips the opponent several times.

Misty: Just because Water is weak against Grass, It doesn't mean your Bulbasaur will win. 

Scott: We'll see!

Misty: Starmie, use Swift!

Starmie stands still and several yellow stars shoot out of the gem on the center of its body.

Scott: Razor Leaf!

Bulbasaur fires several sharp leaves at the stars, but the stars break through them and hit Bulbsaur. Bulbasaur lays on the arena, motionless.

Referee: Bulbasaur is unable to battle, that means the winner is Starmie, which means-

Scott; Wait! I know he still has energy in him!

Bulbasaur: Buuuuul. Bul, Bul.

Scott: I know you can still fight! Bulbasaur, this is our first Gym battle! Get up and prove to me that your the best Pokemon out there! I know you can do it!

Bulbasaur slowly begins to stand up.

Misty: Impossible!

Scott: Alright Bulbasaur!

Misty: Hmm! Finish it off with a Rapid Spin attack!

Jill: Oh No!

Scott: What do we do? What do we do?

Starmie begins to spin faster and faster.

Scott: I know!

Starmie rockets towards Bulbasaur, even faster than before.

Scott: Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip and catch Starmie!

Jill and Misty: What!!!??

Starmie aproaches Bulbasaur but Bulbasaur's vine grab the spinning Pokemon.

Scott: Throw it!

Bulbasaur throws the Pokemon as hard as it can, and the Pokemon hits the wall, followed by a bunch of dust clouds.

Misty: No!

Starmie falls out of the dust and hits the ground, unconcious.

Misty: No!

Jill and Scott: Yes!!

Scott: You did it Bulbasaur, You did it!

Scott runs towards Bulbasaur and picks it up.

Referee: Starmie is unable to battle, Bulbasaur is the winner, which means Scott, the challenger, wins!

Scott: Yay!!

Misty: Well, you are better then I expected!

Scott: Thanks!

Misty: Since you have beaten me, I must award you the Cerulean Gym Cascade Badge!

Misty hands Scott a blue, raindrop-shaped badge.

Scott: Hurray! I got the Cascade Badge!

Jill: Congratulations, Scott!

Scott: Thanks so much!

Misty: What a great battle strategy! I'll think twice next time I use Rapid Spin. How did you think to use that?

Scott: I saw it on TV once!

Jill: Of course you did *laughs*

Scott: So, where is the next Gym?

Jill: You just beat your first Gym and you're already wondering where the next one is?

Scott: Of course! I'm much more anxious to beat all the Gyms now that Bulbasaur has proven to me just how good he is! 

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Jill: Well, Okay! Let's just go to the Poke Center first and heal up your Pokemon!

Scott: I'm so excited!

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