Bolt Tsuno
Bolt Tsuno
Position Pokemon Trainer
Age 15
First Appearance Unknown
 Bolt Tsuno (Japanese: ボルト ツノ Boruto Tsuno)  is the main character of Pokemon Nightfall.



As a child, Bolt was told to stay away from Pokemon until he was old enough. He broke his mum's rule though and went into the forests. He played with a Weaselectric he met one day in the forest surrounding the town. Over the years he continued to play with the Pokemon while his mum taught at the primary school. He heard stories of the villainous Team Photon and their theft of Electric-types on the mainland. Everyday he'd visit the Weaselectric, which he named Luka, to make sure it was okay. On his tenth birthday, following Terria tradition, Bolt's mum, Evelyn, gave him his first Pokeball for him to catch his first Pokemon. Knowing exactly where to go, he headed into the forest. Luka was amazed when he saw the Terria Ball, and willingly let Bolt catch him, taking their bonds to a new level.

Bolt and Luka fought the other kids in town and, eventually, the adults. It was through these battles that he became best friends with Cody. Seeing as Cody's Pokemon was a water-type, Bolt always had an advantage over him. After four years of battling together, Luka evolved into a Whatter. This made him more powerful, meaning that Bolt soon became bored of the others, who he beat time after time. To challenge himself, he decided to travel Terria and battle the Gym Leaders.

Pokemon NightfallEdit

Starting His JourneyEdit


Luka (Whatter)Edit

Bolt and Luka met when Luka was a Weaselectric, and played in the forests all the time. 

Prok (Ragoon)Edit

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