Benya is a region made up of all islands, which are connected by underground tunnles except the volcanic island Wano Cano.


Benya is based off of Hawaii, with both having eight big islands and many smaller islands and a volcano . Wano Cano is based on the volcano Manu Loa. Longhorn City is based off of Texas.


In the begining before Benya was formed, there was no Terriaeither. The Pokemon Nurigami and Aqabis cleared a selected area of the ocean so Haganekusa could make the region. It also brought the many Pokemon to the two. Since Terria got most of the "unique" Pokemon, Haganekusa had to consult the other legendaries of other regions to have their Pokemon come to Benya. Before it placed the pokemon on the newly placed land, Kuraisuto had to inspect the newly made landforms to see if they were stable. Since they were, Haganekusa placed the Pokemon down. Before even carrying the "unique" ones, Arkeridas made them. The mighty dragon ordered Zentriax to bring Pokemon from other regions like what Hadanekusa did with Benya, also making stone bridges there to allow any Pokemon from other regions, including Benya, to go there. This is one of the reasons Benya and Terria have a close relationship, despite being far apart.

Important locationsEdit

  • Somneg Town: The town filled with cave-like temples of the legendaries in the history of Benya.
  • Arachna City: Home to the Bug gym and bug fanatics alike.
  • Shigaru Town: Science captiol of the region. Has Proffesor Arbor's lab. Ironically the most populated town, but the smallest.
  • Wana Cano City: The city closet to the volcano Wano Cano. Holds the Fire gym.
  • Kensai City: The industrial capitol of the region. Home to the many facotries. Ironically the least populated city, but the biggest. Home to the Ghost gym. It was built after the evacuation of the city due to the factory explosion.
  • Under City: The only city underground. Home to mostly miners, Rock, and Ground-type Pokemon. Home to the Ground and Rock gyms.
  • Longhorn City: The city filled with Milktanks, Buffolants, and Tauroses. Since this has mostly farms, it's also filled with Mareep, Flaffy, Stoulands, Granbulls and Herdier as watchdogs, and the ocassional Noctowl that flies by.  Home of the Grass gym.
  • Medivis City: A very unique city where buildngs float and stairs connect to the doors. Home of the Psychic Gym.
  • Lango Island: Home of the Benya Leauge and Victory Road. The only green location if you have a map.


  • Zorua
  • Scraggy
  • Snorunt

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