Body Type Mensal
Abilities Intimidate, Flash Fire, Justified (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in The Battle Of The Badge
First Known Owner Gary
First Game Appeared in
Type Fire
National Dex Number #059
Arcanine is the Legendary Pokemon. It evolves from Growlithe when exposed to a Fire Stone.


Arcanine's head is covered with cream colored fur. It has a bright orange body covered with several black stripes, a long, curved tail, cream colored patches on its chest, legs and tail. It has large, pointed ears.


Adventures In KantoEdit

Zach's Kanto JourneyEdit

Katthryn's AwakeningEdit

  • An officer's Arcanine fought against the gold-haired boy in Cursed Katthryn.

Pokémon TalesEdit

Owen's Johto JourneysEdit

  • Scott has one. He often uses it. It's only known move so far is Flame Wheel.


  • Thunder Fang
  • Bite 
  • Roar
  • Fire Fang
  • Odor Sleauth
  • ExtremeSpeed