Body Type Humanoid Sheep
Abilities Static Plus (Hidden)

Mold Breaker (MegaAmpharos)

Episode First Shown in Fight For The Light
First Known Owner Jasmine
First Game Appeared in
Type Electric, Electric/Dragon (MegaAmpharos)
National Dex Number #181

Ampharos is the Light Pokemon. It is evolved form of Flaaffy and the final evolved form of Mareep. It can Mega Evolve through an Ampharosite.

Normal AmpharosEdit

Ampharos has a large yellow body. It chest and stomach is a white color, and its neck has three black stripes. It has small, wing-like arms, a tail with black stripes and a red orb at the end, and a red jewel on its forehead, near its rounded, black and yellow ears. Ampharos has lost all of it's wool that it had when it was a Mareep and Flaaffy.

Mega AmpharosEdit

In its MegaEvolution, Ampharos now has a long mane made up of clouds on top of its head. The gem on its forehead it now on top of the clouds, and less flat. The stripes on its neck are slightly more spaced out, and it has some indents on its chest. It's ears are slightly more puffy, and the claw on its feet are bigger and turned black. It's tail has also become clouds, with several red gems in them. It's thighs and arms are now larger.


Owen's Johto JourneysEdit

  • Jasmine gave Owen an Ampharos at the start of his journey. It's only known move so far is Thunder Shock.

Pokémon Tales Edit


  • Magnetic Flux
  • Ion Deluge
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Fire Punch
  • Tackle
  • Growl
  • Thunder Wave
  • ThunderShock
  • Cotton Spore
  • Charge
  • Take Down
  • Electro Ball
  • Confuse Ray
  • ThunderPunch
  • Power Gem
  • Discharge
  • Cotton Guard
  • Signal Beam
  • Light Screen
  • Thunder


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