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The Toxic Tussle Joy's Secret

A Burning Ambition is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Adventures In Kanto.

Plot Edit

The story starts with Scott and Jill exiting Fuchsia City, and seeing a group of camera men filming a woman covered in makeup. 

Scott: What's going on here?

The Woman: This is Rhonda Harris, and you are watching, Kanto Now!

Scott: Oh my gosh! They are filming Kanto Now!

Rhonda: Oh look! Here comes a trainer! 

Rhonda and her crew run over to Scott.

Rhonda: Who are you?

Scott stares into the camera.

Scott: I'm... Scott Bombilla.

Rhonda: Did you just battle Koga?

Scott: Yeah. I won.

Rhonda turns around with her microphone in her hand, and talks to the camera.

Rhonda: Here that! This boy here just beat Koga! He must be pretty good! Aw! He has cute Pokemon, too!

Rhona pats Bulbasaur's head, and pets Eevee's fur.

Eevee; Eevee!

Scott takes the microphone, and speaks into it.

Scott: Hi! I'm so happy to be here in Kanto Now! I'm a big fan!

Rhonda: Oh gimme that mike! We aren't even recording!

Scott: Oh.

Rhonda nabs the microphone back.

Jill: It sure looked like you were recording.

Rhonda: That was just practice!

Jill: Practice for what!?

Rhonda: Get this. There have been reports of the legendary Pokemon, Moltres here.

Jill: Moltres!?

Rhonda: Yeah! If we see it were are gonna film it! Kanto Now will have so much viewers!

Scott takes out his Pokedex.

Pokedex: Moltres, the Flame Pokemon. Known as the legendary bird of fire, every flap of its wings create a giant dazzle of flames.

Scott: Cool!

Rhonda: Yeah. It was flying in this direction so it should get here in about-

A boom mike falls onto Rhonda's head.


Jack: Sorry! It's my first day!

Rhonda: Then why is that the FOURTH TIME!?

Jack: Soorrryyy!

Jill: You guys aren't planning on capturing it, right?

Rhonda: Of course not!

Jill: Good. Because catching certain Pokemon can damage the balance of nature.

Suddenly, a loud screech is heard, and the group looks up, and sees a giant Pokemon.

Rhonda: There it is! It's Moltres! Roll the camera. ROLL THE CAMERA!!

The cameraman switches on the camera.

Rhonda: Hello, this is Kanto Now. I'm Rhonda- No time for that. We have spotted the legendary Pokemon of fire, Moltres!

Scott: Wow!!

Rhonda: This is extremely rare an-

Moltres: MOOOEEE!!

Moltres scream, and shoots flames at the group.

Jill: Aahh!!

They all duck, except Rhonda, and avoid the flames. Rhonda's face is all scorched up.

Rhoda: ....Ow....

Jill: Why would it attack us? The legendary birds don't harm innocent bystanders!

The bird flies high into the air, and a purple figure is seen speeding towards it.

Jill: Wait! That's the same thing we say outside that restraunt!

A large blue ball shoots out of the figure, and it hits Moltres, exploding on impact.

Moltres: Mol!!

Jill: Everybody, run!

The gang runs away from the battle.

Scott: Why are they fighting!?

Jill: I don't know, just run!

Moltres shoots flames at the figure, but it fly right through the flames, and bangs into the flame Pokemon.

Jill: What ever that is! It attacked Moltres AND Articuno!

Moltres: MAOEEL!

Moltres fires another blast of fire towards the group.

Jill: Oh! I know! Moltres is attacking us so we run away and the purple figure doesn't hurt us!

Scott: That makes sense!

Rhonda: This is absolutly remarkable! Moltres is fighting for its life!


Scott: Yeah!? We can't just let it get attacked! We have to do something!

Jill: Stop recording!

Jill snatches the camera, and throws it onthe the ground. Bulbasuar whips it with its vines, and Eevee launches a Shadow Ball attack at it, and the camera explodes.


Scott: WELL DUH! That was the point!


Jill: Go away!

Rhonda: Fine!

Rhonda and her crew get up.

Jill: Don't let Moltres see you!

Rhonda: Whatever.

Rhonda and her crew storm off.

Scott: We NEED to stop that purple thing!

Jill: Yeah! Go, Aerodactyl!

Jill throw Aerodactyl's ball into the air, and it shoots out with a white beam. 

Aerodactyl: Arrow!

Jill: Assist Moltres! Go!

Aerodactyl flies up to Moltres and the unknown figure, and starts shooting Hyper Beam attacks at the figure.

Moltres: Mooaweeh!

Moltres fires an "X" shaped blast of fire at the figure, which seems to not affect the figure at all.

Scott: Let's help too! Energy Ball and Shadow Ball!

Bulbasaur and Eevee unleash their attack, but their target is too far, and they miss.

Scott: Darn!

Jill: Scott, let me handle this! Ice Fang!

Aerordactyl flies towards the figure to bite it, but the figure creates a blue barrier that surrounds it.

Jill: What IS this thing?

Moltres charges toward the figure, with its wings glowing white. Moltres's wing collide the the figure, knocking both of them to the ground.

Scott: Augh! Oh no!

Scott and Jill run as fast as they can toward Moltres, who appears to be unconscious.

Jill: Oh no!!

The figure lands on the ground, and start walking on two legs toward the group.

Jill: What do you want!?

The figure's eyes glow blue, and Scott and Jill are surrounded in a blue aura. The figure lifts its arms up, and Jill and Scott are flung high into the air, frozen in the sky. Bulbasaur and Eevee, still at the ground.

Bulbasaur: BULBA!?

Scott: OH MY GOSH!! How is it doing that!?

Jill: It's Psychic! It's an incredebily strong Psychic attack!

The figure walks right next to Moltres, and the bird becomes surrounded in blue aura, and it gets telepathically lifted into the air.

Jill: DON'T! That's a legendary Pokemon!!!

The figure flies off, with Moltres following it, and Jill and Scott fall to the ground.

Scott: Augh!

Jill: AW!

The two examine themselves, and spot several injuries.

Scott: OW! Oooooow! That hurts... so bad!

Jill: Yes. I'm aware. You don't have to tell me!

Bulbasaur and Eevee run out of the bushes, and jump into Scott's arm.

Scott: Ow!

Eevee: Ev?

Scott: Oh.. You just landed on my injured arm..

Jill: We have to find that creature. We just have to!

Scott: But.... What about my Gym Battles!?

Jill: THOSE CAN WAIT!! And it looks like it went in the same direction as your next gym! Okay, lets go!

Scott stretches his arm, which causes severe pain.

Scott: Can we please stop and a Pokemon Center? I think I broke an arm!

Jill: Of course.

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